Studies indicate

people who hire a coach reach their goals 7-10 times faster

than those who don’t.

Life & Leadership Coaching

Why hire a coach?

Coaching is all about helping you close gaps between where you are and where you want to be. It is about discovering a path through the fog and adventuring forward. Coaching is a powerful tool because. it draws out the dreams, possibilities, and passions that are a unique part of what makes you you.

Through powerful questioning, reflection and discovery tools you will take steps toward the life you desire and the legacy you want to leave. It truly is a transformative process.

Finally, coaching works.  You will make progress.

What is the difference between counseling and coaching?

Counseling works on the diagnosis of the past. Coaching focuses on discovery and moving forward into the future.

The Road 2 Legacy Process


You will have an inquiry call designed to help both Ron and you determine if coaching is a good next step for you. There is no pressure in this process.


We will determine an overall agenda for your coaching, clearly defining what it is you want to focus on. Part of this will be to establish an initial time frame for coaching and a schedule that works for you.


Actual coaching sessions. These are typically 50 minutes in length one to two times a month. Each session will be client focused. It is the client’s agenda that is paramount. There will be exploration via questions, tools, reflection and action steps. You will move forward.

Why Hire Ron?


These are bedrock values that Ron Klopfenstein brings to the coaching relationship. He feels these core standards are indispensable to a successful coaching experience for clients. They create a coaching environment that allows for transparent and transformational conversations. These values support clients in compelling ways.
While Ron’s Christian faith keeps him grounded, he will never try to convert and cajole. Without a high degree of trust, your investment in the coaching experience will be diminished.

Ron has also achieved the designation of Certified Professional Leadership Coach. This involved over 100 hours of course work as well as peer and mentor coaching.  You deserve a coach that takes the process seriously and continually works at honing their craft.

The coaching I have received from Ron has been tremendous. He’s very invested in helping guide me and assist me in the directions I want to go. He has opened up new perspective and helped me gain new insight in areas of confusion in my life. I’m thankful for his investment in me!



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