"There’s something worse than not growing as a person…it’s knowing you need to, but doing nothing about it."


What is the Legacy Mastermind?

A monthly virtual gathering where leaders submit topics each month that will be discussed in the gathering. There will also be leadership and personal growth exercises/challenges during the month to enhance practical skill development and application.

Ron Klopfenstein – Certified Professional Leadership Coach, will facilitate the discussion utilizing both coaching techniques and some limited consulting tools as appropriate and helpful to the group. Members will sign a confidentially agreement to protect all members as well as to help facilitate a more open discussion.

The mastermind will kick-off with an in person 2 day gathering where members get to know each other and establish the ground-rules for the next 12 months. The year will conclude with another in person gathering to look back on lessons learned, capture the wins, and look ahead. Also included is a 30-minute mid-month check-in call where Ron is available for questions, feedback and accountability.

In the mastermind, we will:


  • Foster continual leadership development skills for primary leaders. Increase impact on secondary leaders and enhance the general leadership culture of the organization.

  • As appropriate, facilitate the refining, re-shaping and re-engaging of the organizational mission for increased impact on those served and influenced.

  • Provide a safe space for the group to discuss leadership/life challenges without judgement. An acknowledgement that none of us has their act completely together and that we don’t have to pretend like it within the cohort.

  • See situations and explore solutions from other sets of eyes and leadership perspectives. It is anticipated that the situations discussed will cover a wide range from specific organizational challenges, effectively dealing with customers/employees/subs to effective prioritization, and better life balance.

  • Close the gaps in each member’s leadership capacity and raise each individual’s leadership lid.

  • Explore how leadership growth can improve the other areas of life and establish a positive leadership role model.

This is for you if one of these is true…

✓    You’re a business owners/co-owners

✓    You’re an entrepreneur 

✓    You’re a primary or senior-level leaders of non-profits, churches and other Christian ministries. (For example: Sr. Pastor, Executive Pastor, Adult Pastor; Executive Director, General Manager, Director of Operations, Director of Sales or Development) 

✓    You’re a C-level leader, or other key management team members as recommended by the CEO, President or Owner. 

✓    You have a stake or significant influence on the organizational culture and future. (For example: Board Chair, Director of Business Development) 

✓    You desire to leave a lasting legacy in the lives of those you work with, serve and influence

✓  You are actively looking to grow and finish well

This is not for you if:


✗    You’re an entry level manager.

✗    You’re a mid-level manager (unless deemed critical by Upper Management)

✗    You’re under the age of 30 (to maximize the contribution to the group several years of experience will be needed)

✗    You’re unwilling to be transparent and be open to new ideas.

Doors are currently closed!

The Legacy Mastermind will reopen in 2021.

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