Good Morning,

It’s been 8 years since I closed my home building company and I’ll be honest, there are still days I miss being a custom builder. Some of things I miss most are laying out the home on a piece of property, setting the grade, and making sure it takes full advantage of the view. One of the most exciting days was the day we dug the hole for the basement and set the foundation.

Not only was this a big day for me and our client, it was arguably the most important day of the entire project.  Notice I didn’t say most glamorous day, or most thrilling day.  I said most important day. The fact is, if the grade is not set correctly and the footing and foundation walls are not set properly, those errors will follow the project from beginning to end. If the foundation is not square it is going to show up in the framing, the drywall work, trim work and everything. Because typically, when you correct one thing, that correction creates a challenge in a subsequent step. A great foundation is the beginning of a great project.

The same holds true in life. If you don’t anchor your life to the right foundation you truly do have a house of cards. Our 401K’s and plans for an easy retirement can sprout wings and fly away in a sudden market correction. Our companies can decide they don’t need us any longer. Pandemics wreak havoc on churches, businesses and communities. Our health can betray us, and our relationships can fracture. These are realities this side of heaven.

As I study the life of David as depicted in the Psalms one thing is clear. He had found deep satisfaction in God Himself. He gazed upon Him in His glory, went through trials, betrayals and sinful mistakes and kept coming back to the only thing that was constant through it all – God. 

There is a subtle phase that could be easy to miss in Psalm 63:1. “God, you are my God”. It is personal with David. He does not say “a God”, he says “my God”. It wasn’t about theology, doctrine, or ritual with David. It was deeply intimate. No matter what life threw at him he knew he could rest and find footing on the foundation he had built his life upon. The constant in his life and the anchor for his very soul was The Almighty. Never shaken, never changing and never found wanting.

Have you found the peace and confidence that comes from building your life on the same firm foundation as David? Have you experienced the confidence in the present and the abundant hope for the future that only God can bring? It is possible with the perfect foundation!

My hope, no matter your circumstances this morning, is that you can echo the words of King David in Psalm 62:1.

I am at rest in God alone; my salvation comes from him.

Live this week on purpose,
Ron Klopfenstein

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