Good Morning,

The story of 3 frogs:

One day three frogs were sitting on Lillie-pads in a pond when one frog said, “It’s hot out, I’m going to jump in the water”.  The second frog said, “That’s a great idea, I’m going to jump in the water too”. The third frog got excited and said, “I’m going to jump in the water as well”.  The question is, how many frogs are in the water?

The answer is: Zero.  Because talking about jumping into the water is not the same thing as jumping into the water.

It is almost always easier to talk about doing things than to actually do them.  Why? Because there is no real action required. The only action is to determine to stay stuck. We aren’t required to leave our comfort zone.  We can talk about all our grand plans, ideas and intentions, but we can never be held accountable, because we never take action.  We can’t fail, because we don’t try.  We don’t have to experience the pain of growth, because we have the comfort of staying stagnant.

But there are two big lies in those last two statements.  First, not trying may well be failure.  Not trying is the recipe for a small life. Part of the lie is that not trying leaves you in the same place.  It doesn’t. Not trying, slowly, but surely takes you backwards.  You don’t stay in the same place.  You shrink as a person and along with you, your influence dwindles away.  Not trying may be the biggest failure of all.

Secondly, while there is always, risk, fear and discomfort with growth, the pain and discomfort of not growing is worse.  It eventually leaves you in ruts you never imagined. It can leave you with the realization that when you felt the urge to move forward you consciously decided it was not worth the accompanying unpleasantness.  That kind of consistent behavior leaves you with regrets – the stark realization that some opportunities don’t come around again. And regret is a high price indeed.

What are the Lillie-pads you’re still sitting on this morning?

  • Someday I’ll start that business
  • Someday I’ll learn to play that instrument
  • Someday I’ll start to save for retirement
  • Someday I’ll forgive that person
  • Someday I’ll go back to school
  • Someday I’ll trust God and step out in faith
  • Someday…

Here is the great news:  Today can be that someday.  You can take a step forward.  You can make that call. You can pick up that instrument.   

Want some help?  As a Life Coach, I help people get unstuck and figure out what moving forward looks like. Don’t let your somedays keep slipping away.

Live this week on purpose,
Ron Klopfenstein

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