As a businessman for many years, it was not uncommon for Monday mornings to present a special challenge. Frequently, it seemed like no matter how good the week ended the previous Friday, something went awry over the weekend. No matter how well the previous week had ended it seemed that come Monday morning all that had gone out the window. Unfortunately, what followed far too often, was Ron Klopfenstein trying to control and fix everything in a manner marked by worry, a lack of grace and the absence of joy.

As a Christ Follower for over 50 years, Ron has discovered there are times when his faith doesn’t play itself out in the arenas of life like he thinks God intends. Yet Ron firmly believes that faith should be the umbrella under which we live all of life.

The Monday Morning Minute began in 2012, with the intent of helping people do that. It is designed to provide a short, simple challenge to help us start our week with a better focus and a heightened level of intention to live with purpose. The purpose behind these is not simply to accumulate more bits of knowledge. Most of us know more than enough already. Where we struggle is putting that knowledge into practice. Featuring 52 challenges, questions and responses, this book is a tool to help others live on purpose.



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