Good Morning,

One of my favorite, yet simple pleasures in life is a new pair of socks.  More specifically, those white, cotton workout socks.  When you put them on you are immediately struck by the comfort, cushion and the invigorating feeling they give your feet.  My proclivity for new socks has become a favorite Christmas opportunity for my mother-in-law who each year loves to give me several new pairs.

Yet I have developed a peculiar reluctance to actually wearing them. Why? Because if I wear them they will no longer be new and will eventually not feel nearly as rejuvenating. I have had to, on occasion, push myself to put a new pair on.  And once again, I have that lovin’ feeling in my feet.

Other than a chance for you to laugh at me why would I bring this up? Because too many people tend to live only for the future at the expense of today.  They save money every year so they can someday take that dream vacation, but never take the vacation.  They work like crazy year after year with the hope of someday not working anymore. They establish contingencies for nearly every negative event and never take the risks in life that could allow them to flourish. They cherish the special gifts they get, but never get them out of the box and enjoy them as the giver intended.

Author Linda Francis refers to this pattern as the deferred life plan. I find the deferred life plan is characterized by phases like, “Someday I will…”, “When I finally…”, “My plan is to eventually…”, “Tomorrow I am going to…”. Here is the deal.  Tomorrow isn’t coming.  Tomorrow already happened.  Life goes that fast.

I’m not saying don’t plan and I’m not advocating a live for the moment only philosophy.  I am however, encouraging you to embrace today. Relish the moments right in front of you.  Seize the opportunities you have, instead of incessantly waiting for ones that may never come.  Make a plan, and start moving forward.  You aren’t guaranteed next week, next month, or next year.

So – use the special dishes, drive the classic car, go bear hunting, take a cruise, do something lavish for your spouse, go skydiving, ride a horse, start that hobby, have that conversation, build your website, start the business, mentor someone, hire a coach, have the custom boots made, do that thing you have always wanted to do.

And for heaven’s sake…Wear the Socks!

Live this week on purpose,
Ron Klopfenstein