Ron Klopfenstein

Founder of Road 2 Legacy

There lies within us all the spirit to discover the trails that will lead us to the legacy we were born to leave.

Ron Klopfenstein

A common fear for many people is that they will live an under-lived life.  At Road2Legacy we help people ensure that does not happen. We help them discover, or perhaps re-discover their dreams. We help them chart a course to the legacy they want to leave.  For some, this means igniting new passions or re-igniting passions that have been swallowed up by the pace of life. For others, it means discovering a new focus for a new stage of life.  For still others, it may simply mean getting unstuck in life.  But for everyone it means living life with a new level of intentionality and fulfillment; approaching the future with a spirit of excitement and discovery – what we call the Spirit of the West.

We often work with entrepreneurs and business professionals, people who are in or anticipating a significant life transition, and people asking the question, “How can I make my life count?”  If any of those things resonate with you, let’s have a conversation.

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About Ron & Road2Legacy

Ron directs his coaching and speaking toward entrepreneurs and business professionals, people who are in or anticipating a significant life transition,  people who feel like there is a fog obscuring the trail ahead. Ron knows what it is like to experience the fog.  He also knows what it is like to come through it with the help of a guide (coach). He has been a successful entrepreneur and business owner and knows full well the challenges that go with it. Ron has also made a major life transition selling his business and entering a second half career. Finally, one of the core values that has driven Ron’s life is to finish well, stay in the game and leave a lasting legacy. If any of those things resonate with you, Ron would love to have a conversation.

The Spirit of the West

The Sprit of the West is a spirit of adventure and discovery.  It means taking new ground, discovering new trails and moving forward with excitement and anticipation.  It means living without regret and refusing to be paralyzed by the fear of moving ahead.

It is stepping out with boldness.  It is the thrill of finally seeing what lies over the next ridge. It is refusing to be weighed down by the ball and chain of your past and instead journeying relentlessly forward.  Finally, it means arriving at the end of the trail with a deep sense of fulfilment and satisfaction having left the safety of complacency for the exhilaration of the journey you were meant to live.

Approaching Life in the Spirit of the West

Choose Your Adventure

Everyone’s adventure is unique to them.  You were individually and divinely designed for a life of impact.  That means that discovering the right trails for you must be singularly focused and crafted around your YOUniqueness.

Through a process of discovery, transparency and candid dialogue we will craft a course of action that will help you move forward toward the dreams and passions of your heart.  You set the agenda.  We at Road2legacy take that seriously and count it as a privilege to come alongside you.

“The trajectory in almost every area of our life is much better due to coaching.”

Steve, Business Owner in NY

By engaging in a FREE 60-minute discovery call, we will together determine if coaching is a right next step.

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